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The T-Shirt Guide

Choosing The Best Light Up T - Shirts



Technology helps us everywhere we go and now they've given more opportunities regarding daily clothing, t - shirts. Previously, it was evident that custom printing services have been there left and right, producing massive shirts with great images or logos. However, the new concept of light up t-shirts has revolutionized the game. Light up t shirts are noticeable of their uniqueness and genuineness since their prints can elicit everlasting effect to the audience. They are good to be given as business gifts as they can be promotional and form of advertisement.


How they work


Light up T shirts work thru the use of an electroluminescent panel which is called EI panel. The EI panel is linked to a water proofed battery pack in the t shirt. The panel has been made to be carried with ease making them thin and light weight. Normally, these packs within the shirt have a hidden pocket and their battery life are just enough, but still, they must be replaced once in a while. The battery helps with the lights printed on the t shirt you've customized. The backlight effect is used by the panels that emit the glow of the design in the birthday t-shirts material, thus, the printing is presented like an animated display. The panels are being sewed or pasted using a material to the shirt.


How to wash


Since there are two types of materials used to attach the panels within the shirt, there are options on how to wash them. Washing up the light up shirt from this t-shirt website which was sewn is easy as you can merely use a hand wash, however, story will be different for the ones with Velcro panels. First, for Velcro displays, you must remove the battery pack and disconnect the cable that is linking the battery pack to the panel within the shirt. Lastly, once you've removed the Velcro and panel, you can wash them thru a machine then dry.


Choosing the best


In choosing the best light up shirt, it would depends on your taste of sewn or Velcro. Knowingly, sewn panels are viewed as authentic and they've been seen as better but, the downside is to wash them using manual washing. The upside is that they do not stick out like the other method and you can dry clean them. Meanwhile, if you'd want to use a washing machine to help you in your shirts, you must pick the Velcro ones. Another benefit of Velcro is allowing you to switch the panel to another garment you have and be lighten up. You can also learn more about T-shirts by checking out the post at


Things to consider in choosing too are the size of the panel and the size of battery pack since they have an important role on the outcome of your T-shirt.